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About Golf Injury Doctors
Each doctor listed in this directory has attended post-graduate training in the diagnosis and treatment of common golf injuries. As you browse through the site, you will notice some doctors have more training than others. Basic Training is a minimum standard to obtain the title of “Golf Injury Doctor”. To become Golf Injury Certified, 30 classroom hours must be completed before the doctors sit for, and must pass, written and practical examinations.

Basic Training
Diagnosis and treatment protocols of common golf injuries. Basic swing analysis.

Golf Injury Certified
Extensive post-graduate training. Graduates have passed both written and practical examinations . Certification training includes the following coursework:

Golf Injuries:
Diagnosis and treatment protocols of common and uncommon golf injuries

Swing Analysis:
Countless case study analysis of swing mechanics to determine if patients are at risk of injury when they swing the club.

Fitness and Conditioning:
Tour pro training protocols for flexibility, strength and power

Barriers to Performance:
Concentration, Environ-Mental Allergens, Nutrition

Note: GolfInjuryDoctors.com cannot be held accountable for service rendered by an individual golf injury doctor. This web directory can only verify the doctor has completed the training noted within their individual listing.