Help on writing text

Writing text in Moodle works pretty much the way you would expect, but you also have the ability to include "smilies", "URL addresses" and some HTML tags in your text.

Smilies (emoticons)

    To embed these small icons in your text, just type the associated code. These codes themselves are like little pictures if you turn your head to the left when looking at them.

    smile :-)
    big grin :-D
    wink ;-)
    mixed :-/
    thoughtful V-.
    tongue out :-P
    cool B-)
    approve ^-)
    wide eyes 8-)
    surprise 8-o
    sad :-(
    shy 8-.
    blush :-I
    kisses :-X
    clown :o)
    black eye P-|
    angry 8-[
    dead xx-P
    sleepy |-.
    evil }-]


HTML tags

    You can use a limited subset of HTML tags to add emphasis to your texts.
    HTML tagsProduces
    <B> bold </B> bold text
    <I> italic </I> italic text
    <U> underline </U> underlined text
    <FONT size=1> small </FONT> small
    <FONT size=4> large </FONT> large
    <FONT color=green> example </FONT> example
    <UL><LI>one <LI>two </UL>
    • one
    • two

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