Jeff Blanchard, D.C.

625 Main Street   Morro Bay, CA  93442

(805) 772-0564


Welcome New Patients.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  There are 3 steps to getting started.

1.   Telephone consultation. I’d like to speak with you and learn about the reason you’ve contacted my office. Based on your history, we’ll decide the next best step. (805) 772-0564.  If you get voice mail, please spell your name and leave your number.

2.  If x-rays are needed, telephone Dr. David Halverstadt - (805) 544-0414 or Dr. David Vazquez - (805) 782-6106 to schedule an appointment for precision, 3 dimensional x-rays.  Both officies are in San Luis Obispo. These x-rays are required of all new patients.  These x-rays are a unique and an essential component of my work.  If you have previous, traditional x-rays (including CT scans and/or MRI), please bring them with you on your first appointment. 

However, you will still need your new set of precision, 3 dimensional x-rays.  The fee to Dr. Halverstadt or Vazquez  will be paid to the doctor at the time he renders service.  He will hand you the x-rays and you will carry them to my office on your first appointment.

3.  Schedule your first appointment.  Patient hours are generally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon  In addition, I have hours on Saturday morning.  Your first visit fee is $195.  Follow-up visits average $75.

Payment is expected at the time of service.  I do not bill insurance. Please note, I am not a Medicare provider.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jeff Blanchard