Jeff Blanchard, D.C.

625 Main Street   Morro Bay, CA  93442

(805) 772-0564


Welcome New Patients.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  There are 3 steps to getting started.

1.   Telephone consultation. I’d like to speak with you and learn about the reason you’ve contacted my office - (805) 772-0564.  Based on your history, we’ll decide the next best step. If you get voice mail, please spell your name and leave your number.

2.  If x-rays are needed, telephone Dr. David Halverstadt - (805) 544-0414 or Dr. David Vazquez - (805) 782-9203 to schedule an appointment for precision, 3 dimensional x-rays.  Both offices are in San Luis Obispo. These x-rays are required of all new patients.  These x-rays are a unique and an essential component of my work.  If you have previous, traditional x-rays (including CT scans and/or MRI), please bring them with you on your first appointment. 

However, you will still need your new set of precision, 3 dimensional x-rays.  The fee to Dr. Halverstadt or Vazquez  will be paid to the doctor at the time he renders service.  He will hand you the x-rays and you will carry them to my office on your first appointment.

3.  Schedule your first appointment.  Patient hours are generally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon  In addition, I have hours on Saturday morning.  Your first visit fee is $195.  Follow-up visits average $75.

Payment is expected at the time of service.  I do not bill insurance. Please note, I am not a Medicare provider.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jeff Blanchard