The Physician's Golf Injury Desk Reference

The first of its kind! An essential new book for all healthcare providers treating golfers, this comprehensive text offers important information on the diagnosis and treatment of golf injuries.

Dr. Blanchard combines his unique practitioner expertise with his actual play experience as a competitive golf professional to offer readers a more complete understanding of taking care of patients who love to play golf.

The Physician's Golf Injury Desk Reference is designed to help providers link swing mechanics to injuries to help identify the root cause of an injury and to help identify if patients are at risk of injury before they even hit a golf ball. Material is presented in a concise and clear manner, with visual aide, objective chapter openers and summaries on what the reader should learn, as well as examples, boxed articles, and case studies to help illustrate the chapter concepts.

This book helps teach readers how to perform a 14-point physical examination and a 3-point swing mechanics analysis, and includes correction protocols for any failed examination findings. The text also includes practical training technology from the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour for golf fitness and conditioning for "well patients" looking to improve their game.



Are You Fit For Golf Booklet

Most golf related injuries are caused by lack of golf-specific flexibility combined with unstable posture. There are 14 areas of the body that must be conditioned to prevent injury and play better golf.

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Patient Forms Packet

All files are in PDF format so you can print on demand! The Patient Forms Packet includes: New Patient Exam, Stretch for Golf, Posture Corrections, Swing Mechanics

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Swing Light Trainer

The Swing Light Trainer is a lightweight swing training device that allows golfers to see and understand their golf swing plane as they swing their own clubs. No attachment required, just use this tool with your own club and you're ready to practice. Please call our office at (805) 772-8298 for bulk order pricing of 5 or more.

Price: $70.00 US

Power Meter

Power Meter is a golf power meter that attaches to any club in your bag to instantly and accurately read your club head speed so that you can increase your swing power and swing speed. Get instant feedback while improving consistency and control so that you hit longer and straighter!


Price: $89.00 US
  Certified Grads Only
Graduation Promotion Package

All files are in PDF format so you can print on demand! The Grad Promo Package includes: Golf Injury Certified Logo, Wall Poster, New Patient Brochure,The Patch, Seminar Swing Clips DVD, PGA Referral Pad, Warm-Up for Golf, Functional Conditioning for Golf, Power Point Presentation.

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Logo Artwork
Once you own the artwork file, you can get your Golf Injury Certified logo on hats, shirts, jackets and golf bags. This is guaranteed to get people to ask you what you do for golfers.



Wall Poster
This is a high resolution PDF that can be blown-up to a 24” x 36” poster. We recommend you get it printed on foam core with a gloss coat finish. The poster reads, “Do You Play Golf?” and creates awareness that you are Certified in Golf.



New Patient Brochure
This is a tri-fold PDF file prepared in color and in black/white. It’s titled, “Every Time I Swing It Hurts!”. The brochure will describe your advanced post-graduate training in golf injuries, golf fitness and conditioning. The brochure will explain to your patient what to expect during a visit with you.



The Patch – QuickTime Movie
This 20 minute video will show you the practical application of The Egoscue Method. Condition 1, 2 and 3 are identified and correction protocols are demonstrated in The Patch. Very informative and entertaining.



Seminar Swing Clips – QuickTime Movie
This DVD will offer visual proof of tour pros relative to swing Key Points 1, 2 and 3. These are helpful reminders for you as well as good visual demonstrations for your patients.



PGA Referral Pad
A PDF for you to print and pad. You want every PGA instructor in your community to have one of your referral pads on the driving range where they work with their students.



Warm-Up for Golf
This PDF file, designed as a patient handout, shows several exercises based on The Egoscue Method to warm the body up for the rotation, lateral bending and extension that occurs when swinging a golf club.



Functional Conditioning for Golf
For your patients who are no longer in pain. This PDF file, designed as a patient handout, shows exercises based on the Egoscue Method to promote strength and power during the golf swing.



Power Point Presentation
When the opportunity presents itself for you to speak before a live audience, this “Are You Fit For Golf” power point presentation will save you a lot of time…it’s ready to go including a script for what to say over each slide.


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